An appeal to the girl who feels a little too much

Girl, don’t let that sensitive soul in you die. Unshackle that beautiful heart of yours and let those tears flow. Don’t shy away from emotions, because, unlike what others want you to believe, having them is a sign of strength. Without the warm sensitive souls like you, we would be left with a cold dispassionate world, inhabited by emotionless, impassive creatures who bottle up every feeling until they burst with irrepressible destructive anger and fury. You have been ridiculed time and again for feeling a little too deep, caring a little too much, or loving a little too hard; please don’t let those insensitive, harsh, thoughtless jibes stop you from feeling emotions intensely.

Sensitivity is a two-edged sword, which shines not only at the heart of your brilliance but also makes you more vulnerable to life’s ups and downs. My advice, embrace it and do this world a favour for it definitely needs more emotional, humble and kind souls like you than the dry, apathetic, overtly pragmatic ones who are too proud to let loose their emotional side, lest they will be considered weak. They will never know the purity and simplicity of a soft, sensitive soul who weeps at 2 AM in the night clutching a book to her chest; they will never understand how the pain of an inconsequential character from a book can move someone to tears for they have never felt anything for anyone so deeply.

You are no stranger to being told that “you are too sensitive” but feeling happiness and pain in equal measures is a powerful asset. Don’t be ashamed of it, as this very quality of yours makes you more selfless, empathetic and compassionate towards people’s struggles. Not only are you always in tune with other’s emotions, you are also more forgiving, patient, honest and apologetic because you know how it feels to be hurt or pained by something. You are more cautious before taking drastic actions and making random decisions as you are always in touch with your inner self and defying that inner voice of conscience is something you know you can never succeed at.


But a word of caution, don’t let your sensitivity become your weakness. Stay as tender-hearted, caring, tolerant and merciful as you are, but don’t let others walk all over you. Girl, do retaliate when you are being cornered by vicious minds who try to break you from within. Walk away from connections that no longer appreciate the value you are willing to offer. Let go of friends/acquaintances who mistreat or belittle you. Remember, you cannot make people like, love, understand or validate you. Every person has a breaking point and so do you. Hence, go ahead severe those ties and burn bridges if you must because not everyone deserves a seat at the table of your life.

And last, don’t try to muffle those painful sobs or joyous laughter. Make peace with the gift you were born with. Learn to weather the storms of life by tapping in the creative mind, benevolent heart and the thoughtful soul of yours. 🙂 

18 thoughts on “An appeal to the girl who feels a little too much

  1. Thoroughly about the inner soul of a women ..discovering more about oneself through the waves of emotions that is hidden or burried deep down somewhere ..
    piyali .. really liked this ur write up .. 👍

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  2. Wow!!! As always bang on….so true and I totally relate to all you have so beautifully described.
    Do write something cheerful for the upcoming holidays 😀

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