Birthday (100-word story)

Kabir enters his gloomy apartment, opens a chilled can of Heineken and plonks himself down on the sofa. Today is his 30th birthday and he has no one in this goddamn city to celebrate with. “Living 8000 miles away from home sucks!” The phone beeps…another Facebook notification…but nothing from Ma. He taps the first number… Continue reading Birthday (100-word story)

Bloggers Recognition Award 2017

Bloggers Recognition Award nomination Yay! My first ever Bloggers Recognition Award nomination! Yes! Yes! I am on cloud nine! At the outset, I would like to express my gratitude to my fellow blogger Anindya for bestowing me with this honour. His blogs are a reflection of the varied hobbies and interests he enriches his life with. Be… Continue reading Bloggers Recognition Award 2017