The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks pensitivity101 for nominating me.


  • Thank and Link The Blogger Who Nominated You.
  • Nominate Bloggers And Link To Their Blogs.
  • Inform Them Of Their Nominations.
  • Reveal 7 Facts About Yourself Your Readers May Not Know About You

The bloggers I like to nominate for the same are:

Indrajit Roychoudhury
Suburban Wordsmith

7 facts about me:

Hate getting up early. There is absolutely nothing beautiful about early morns. Nothing.

To me, breakfast making seems like the most tedious chore of all.

Can’t get enough of lavender- be it in a shampoo, perfume or a dessert for that matter- this flower works like a charm. Every time.

I think, a hot freshly brewed cup of coffee is the answer to all problems in life. I seriously do.

And if coffee fails, then there is always a ‘Red Lipstick’ ;). Girls, trust me on this. It will never let you down, but make sure you pick the most flattering shade for your skin tone 🙂

Love seasides and the feel of soft wet sand gently crushing and crumbling under my bare feet. Ah heaven!

Scented candles, movie marathons, and enormous bowls of homemade popcorn- my recipe for a perfect weekend.











10 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Came across your blog and your recent post. Yes, a hot cup of coffee is what I yearn for too. Problem solver.
    I am relatively new to blogging.
    I am just 3 posts old and working on a series as of now. Would be please if you visit my blog.

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