Silks and Legacies

“See, how beautiful you look in that colour,” the old woman said trying to get the young lady’s attention.
“I am your daughter. Therefore, it is obvious that you’d find me beautiful even when I am dressed in tattered clothes, right?” the young woman brushes off the compliment with a smile on her face.
Her daughter always had problems receiving praise; if only she could do something to erase these self-esteem issues hidden in her little girl’s mind, the mother thought.
They were getting ready for a wedding.  The young lady was admiring herself in the mirror. On her mother’s request, she was trying to drape a silk sari; a special one, carefully selected for the occasion, in warm tones of honey and sunshine gold. She loved how smooth the luxurious material felt against her skin.
Being a fuss-free dresser, the girl normally avoids wearing exquisite threads but occasionally gives in to her mother’s petulant demands. She knows how happy this tiny effort of hers makes the old woman. It is a role-reversal of sorts wherein the daughter playfully takes on the maternal role and indulges the childlike whims of her mother.
The old lady is very proud of her expansive collection of rare silks and soft velvets. She has been painstakingly collecting them from different parts of the country since ages. Every piece has been conscientiously chosen for its uniqueness- some for bright hues and some for intricate embellishments in shimmering gold and silver. The woman stores them neatly folded in soft porous muslin bags in an ancient dark mahogany almirah, which was a gift from her mother years ago. To keep moth and silverfish away, she puts small cotton pouches filled with coarsely grounded sandalwood powder, in the folds. The synthetic smell of mothballs disgusts her.    
Unlike the mother, the daughter prefers simple clothing and would seldom wear anything that is too uncomfortable to walk in. Sometimes, when she is exhausted and not in the mood to indulge her mother, she snaps. “They are cumbersome. Not practical Ma. Why don’t you wear them yourself?”
“I cannot. My body is shriveled and they are too delicate and heavy for me. Can’t you see?” The old woman retorts, feeling hurt and dejected.
These fleeting moments of anger quickly pass and never mean much to them. The young lady is aware that by making these demands, the old woman is actually trying to instill a sense of prideful responsibility in her. Someday these beautifully stacked pieces in myriad hues of ruby, emerald, and amethyst will be hers to protect. A precious heirloom she will inherit like the ornate wooden closet her mother once inherited from her grandmother.
The crisp folds of the old lady’s saris contain numerous life-altering moments. They stand witness to the pain and joy she experienced while wearing them- like the sapphire one, studded with twinkling diamantes, reminds her of the fateful day she lost her father and the one in coral, she wore proudly to her daughter’s convocation ceremony.
Bequests are a treasure trove of stories lived and endured by one’s ancestors, the girl knows that.  A day will come when she will tell these stories to her progenies while sewing pouches of sweet-smelling sandalwood powder to keep her mother’s legacy alive and fragrant.

27 thoughts on “Silks and Legacies

  1. True Piyali! Reminds me of my mom and me! I too, wear so much I wouldn’t generally, just to indulge her! But my daughter doesn’t and I don’t impose on her either…. So we got to get used to the fact that legacies being passed on, is a thing of the past…. Practical logic is gradually taking over…..even in royalty. Its sad but true…. Sad for the industry.

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    1. Thanks Mrs Gulati. Saris will always be in demand, they are not going out of fashion anytime soon. I can vouch for that. Your daughter would want to wear them too maybe someday when she is little older and married perhaps 🙂


  2. Beautiful read. Great story about self esteem and mother’s love. They always find a way to see through us don’t they? I enjoyed reading it and so glad I glad I dropped by.
    Keep writing your heart out.

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  3. I am always glad I listened to my mother and showed respect for her “treasures.” They may have come from her mother, father or a simple handmade items with beads she sewed on to edges of dresses. 👗👚
    I appreciate the time you took to really tell a story about the sari’s. Hugs, Robin

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    1. Thank you for reading and responding, Robin. Mothers are special and they deserve every bit of our love and respect 🙂 I treasure everything that my mum does for me because I know every gesture comes from a place of great love and affection 🙂


      1. I’m so happy you love and respect your dear mother. I do feel this same deep love for my own mother. I am so blessed to have an 89 year old Mom.
        Your mum sounds like a special, dear woman! I liked how you used the word, “treasure” when speaking of your mum. 💞

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