Get lost!

Dahling, I am not a Bitch! In fact, I am the exact opposite of what a bitch is. Truth be told, no matter how bad or trying a situation is, it still can never steal the light from me and render me insensitive.

Now read on-

In times of crisis, I’ll willingly wear the hat of your ‘true friend indeed’ without flinching. When you are upset and badly need a good cathartic cry, I’ll happily offer you my shoulder to lean on. I’m going to sit beside you for hours without complaint when you feel the urge to vent your frustration over life’s unfairness and people’s unjust behaviour towards you. I will comfort you when you rant non-stop about your relationship issues. I will keep your secrets safe in my heart and would never use them against you. I will encourage you in your endeavours and will always be there standing contently behind backing you up when you are attempting to soar high. I will uplift your mood whenever you become too obsessed with your physical flaws or wallow in self-pity for not having the perfect body, eyes, face or hair, because, deep down I do believe that each one of us is blessed with a unique kind of beauty which has the power to overshadow everything.

I will do that and much more. But, I’ll not tolerate when you turn on your ‘Bitch-mode’ against me and try to pull your nasty tricks again. We ceased to be friends the day you went all bitchy on me for the first time. Once and for all let me just settle it here- I can no longer acquaint myself with a scheming miserable excuse for a human being like you who derives pleasure in putting others in misery. Don’t come crawling back as this door is permanently closed now.  Instead of acting out your inner bitchiness, start working on yourself and stop seeing every woman as some kind of competition or a potential threat to your superficial inflated ego. Listen, the world is not kind to anyone but we have the power to not let it change us into something we’re not. Hence, hating everyone won’t make you feel any better about yourself, rather it’ll push all your hidden insecurities to the surface. Next time, please remember jealous bitches like you can’t really crack jokes (only people with a certain level of intellect and zero malice in their hearts are capable of attempting humour and you certainly are not one of them). Believe you me, we can actually see the ulterior motive behind your so-called seemingly ‘harmless banters’.

Lastly, I reiterate, unlike you, I am not a conniving bitch who will hide behind someone or use some excuse to attack. Instead, I am a ferocious Royal Bengal Tigress who’ll take you head-on and eat you up alive when you try to mess with me again.


8 thoughts on “Get lost!

  1. Like “Gemini” you have to turn the other side to get a point across to what you can and will do if pressed to a point that is in a corner like a cat that comes out clawing back to get free or rid of the oppression of another!! Never back down and if you ever give a second chance be on your guard hard since it more than likely would happen again.. I know from experience and have been there done that!

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    1. I’ve severed all ties with the toxic person mentioned in this blog. She was manipluative, a bully too, and I decided I’ve to steer clear from these negative people in my life. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on the same 🙂

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