Satin smooth

Her delicate fingers ran lazily over the firm incline, gently caressing the slippery smooth surface. Momentarily resting at the hollowed space in between before curving up slowly again towards the rounded tip. After reaching the towering peak, her eyes longingly gazed at the velvety soft satin ribbons tied up seductively in a loose wilting bow. “Oh, this is it!” she exulted. Browsing for the perfect pair of red stilettos was finally over.


Written for In Other Words, browsing…



All writings on this blog are copyrighted. All rights reserved to and Piyali Roy Bhowmick


10 thoughts on “Satin smooth

    1. Absolutely not, in fact, many of my friends found it misleading. A poetess friend (who also has a huge shoe fetish) commented that sometimes finding a good pair of stilettoes is akin to having a great time (wink wink) with the significant other 😉

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