“It’s time. I am scared. Please come soon. I can’t do it without you.” saying this she hung up.

Neil panicked. This was the moment he had been waiting for so long. Yet, when it finally arrived he found himself completely frozen. He couldn’t move for few seconds, as if his feet were stuck to the floor. Beads of sweat were accumulating on his forehead. He took out his kerchief to wipe it off. Then poured himself a cup of water. After quickly gulping it down, he called up his assistant to reschedule all his appointments for the day. And took a deep breath and made a dash for the door.

He hailed a cab and asked the driver to drive as fast as he could for he couldn’t afford to be late today. Heeding to the urgency in his voice, the driver hit the gas and whooshed away. Neil knew his life was about to change and he wanted to be physically there when it happens.

After reaching the destination, he rushed to the reception and enquired. The lady sitting there smiled at him and answered, “Yes, she is in labor and don’t worry she is doing just fine.”

200 words

Kai Pilger pexels-photo-462867 Taxi



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