Writer’s Nightmare

What is the trick to get it nice and flowy? Like a light drizzle of golden honey melting on a crisp warm toast. Is it a dirty limerick, a sad elegy, or a satirical prose, which can garner the much-desired attention from the young ‘n’ old folks? Huh, the never-ending doubts that trouble a writer’s… Continue reading Writer’s Nightmare

Broken ‘n’ Lost

The old dreamcatcher, hanging from the leaf-less branch of a barren tree in my granny’s garden, was always an object of intrigue to me. Once, as a little girl, I had wished only for beautiful dreams. But now, all I want it to do for me is to mend what’s broken and lost forever. 278… Continue reading Broken ‘n’ Lost

Wardrobe Woes

Shiny brand-new brogues teamed with a pair of worn-out dark denim pants, which seemed to have seen better days, and a faded graphic hoodie; a peculiar combination to begin with and his nervous walk on the busiest street of Manhattan made his discomfort quite evident. He quickly combed the vicinity with a disconcerting look, before… Continue reading Wardrobe Woes

Satin smooth

Her delicate fingers ran lazily over the firm incline, gently caressing the slippery smooth surface. Momentarily resting at the hollowed space in between before curving up slowly again towards the rounded tip. After reaching the towering peak, her eyes longingly gazed at the velvety soft satin ribbons tied up seductively in a loose wilting bow.… Continue reading Satin smooth


Staring calmly at the still waters, she took a deep agonizing breath. A storm was slowly brewing inside her. “It’s time to unleash what you’ve been suppressing for so long!” whispered her heart. Somewhere on the horizon, a cluster of clouds roared in a fiery rage. 265 characters Written for Twittering Tales #87 – 5 June… Continue reading Rage