Braving the harsh unpredictable weather and rough billowy seas, a mighty ship carries his huge army of fierce Vikings. Dressed in furs, leathers, and rainwear, bedecked with armbands, beaded brooches, and neck rings, he stands erect atop the bow while the enormous vessel rolls and pitches on the bulbous roaring waters. With an unwavering determination… Continue reading Voyage


An audible hush filled with indistinctive sounds of nature surrounded her. The sky was windless and gulls flitted across aimlessly. Waves broke against the shore. Far in the distance, men on fishing boats were busy casting nets on the surging tides, praying for a good catch. Anchored vessels swayed from side to side as the… Continue reading Contemplation


Splotches of revolting red, moss green, mustard yellow and aquamarine blue splattered over the cool pristine white marble floor creating a wild defiant kaleidoscopic pattern of rich vibrant colours. A thick cloud of cigarette smoke mixed with the smell of turpentine, walnut, and linseed oils gradually rising upwards engulfing the room with its choking haze;… Continue reading Masterpiece

Stranger in a new land

Sana sets the record on the turntable and gently lowers the needle. A soothing multidimensional sitar composition fills the room. She takes her favourite spot by the window and gazes out at the mist rising from the lake. The sweet aroma of freshly brewed Darjeeling tea wafting from the china cup relaxes her. Her husband’s… Continue reading Stranger in a new land


A beaded cinched waist gown with a swooping neckline displayed at the boutique window lures the nearly broke shopaholic. She fidgets. Taps her fingers and heels. Checks her wallet. Tosses her head back and walks in. “Well! It’s vintage Valentino. One more splurge shouldn’t hurt.”   275 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #94 – 24 July… Continue reading Impulse


Aylan woke up covered in soot and with a throbbing headache. Squinting his eyes to adjust to the sharp glint of sun, he licked his lips and tasted the dry salty blood and bitter grime. With great difficulty, he stood up and gauged the destruction that laid before him. His village was reduced to a… Continue reading Escape

Lost in the darkness

She felt the moist slippery softness of grass and crisp shedding of deciduous shrubs dissolving underneath her bare feet. Her skin shriveled, breathing quickened, and hearing sharpened as she tried to adjust her eyes to the walls of darkness surrounding her. She had been circling around the same area, trying to find a way out… Continue reading Lost in the darkness

Robotic Humans

She pushed love away as she thought she was unworthy of the tender invaluable emotion which makes one’s life worthwhile; before people even tried to make their way to her heart, she would lash out, cruelly crush their feelings, and walk away without any remorse. The fear of rejection, abandonment and getting hurt grew so… Continue reading Robotic Humans


As the morning sun filtered through the swaying curtains and warmed her tear-stained face resting on the windowsill, she opened her eyes a slit and peered around the room. Finding no one there, she despaired and gazed out the window. The hazy autumnal sky varnished with gold; early birds’ incessant chatter announcing the arrival of… Continue reading Dawn

Marshmallow Rain

Fairy Godmother swished her magic wand & marshmallows fell from the sky. Orphans collected them in their umbrellas spread upside down. They delightfully gobbled up every piece till their tummies ache. The fluffy sticky sweet feast ended with a huge phone-shaped strawberry cake.   278 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #93 – The Phone – 17… Continue reading Marshmallow Rain