Lost in the darkness

She felt the moist slippery softness of grass and crisp shedding of deciduous shrubs dissolving underneath her bare feet. Her skin shriveled, breathing quickened, and hearing sharpened as she tried to adjust her eyes to the walls of darkness surrounding her. She had been circling around the same area, trying to find a way out in the dark forest, canopied with dense trees that barely let the sunlight seep through.

After walking fruitlessly for hours, trying to find a clearing through the blinding darkness, she came across a clear stream sharply cutting through ahead. She hastened towards it but was suddenly grabbed by her arm, “Wake up sleepyhead, don’t you have school today.”


Written for In Other Words, hasten…

All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Lost in the darkness

  1. So sorry I missed this last week thank you for letting me know! I look forward to your contribution to In Other Words…you always have something worth reading. I like this story. Nice to know the dream ended waking up to the beginning of a happy new day.

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