Robotic Humans

She pushed love away as she thought she was unworthy of the tender invaluable emotion which makes one’s life worthwhile; before people even tried to make their way to her heart, she would lash out, cruelly crush their feelings, and walk away without any remorse.

The fear of rejection, abandonment and getting hurt grew so intense that she ended up befriending a bot, who she knew was devoid of a heart and would never hurt or leave her side when things got ugly.

However, living by her side and witnessing her softer, kinder self every day, which she seldom had let the world see, made the bot erupt with an unfamiliar pang, a strange feeling incomprehensible to his digital programming.


Written for Three Line Tales, Week 129

photo by Alex Knight via Unsplash

All rights reserved to or Piyali Roy Bhowmick


5 thoughts on “Robotic Humans

      1. No ways!!! I love how you construct the story with twists and slants plus the choice of vocab is WOW!❤

        Believe me, you are doing an AWESOME job and you have a FAN in me!❤

        Liked by 1 person

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