Braving the harsh unpredictable weather and rough billowy seas, a mighty ship carries his huge army of fierce Vikings.

Dressed in furs, leathers, and rainwear, bedecked with armbands, beaded brooches, and neck rings, he stands erect atop the bow while the enormous vessel rolls and pitches on the bulbous roaring waters.

With an unwavering determination and heart as strong as steel, he, the valiant fearless leader, courageously sets out on a promising voyage riddled with dangerous mysteries.

Nestled in my lap with my arms affectionately cradled around him, he goes out and explores uncharted territories, lands full of endless possibilities.

Hah! This is the world, the seven-year-old often visits when his innocent thoughts seamlessly make their way into his adventure-filled dreams.


Written for In Other Words, explore…

All rights reserved.

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