A new beginning

After wallowing in grief for days, she finally opened her eyes to the mess- a half-finished bottle of whiskey sitting idly beside the dusty overflowing ashtray in the living room. The couple picture collage mounted on the wall was grazed and torn with fingernails. Kitchen sink loaded with dirty dishes, refrigerator stinking of mouldy vegetables… Continue reading A new beginning

Freed Captives

My legs are heavy and breathing irregular. I am walking in a daze. The last few hours went by like a muscle-numbing nightmare. My nostrils are filled with the smell of overflowing toilets, muck swimming on the floor. Blood splattered all over me. It’s not mine. But of an old man who tried to fight… Continue reading Freed Captives

The solitary princess

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a wealthy princess who bathed in pots of shimmering liquid gold. She had no friends nor anyone she could call her own as people with eyes only on her abundant riches would come to befriend her. One day, after surviving several heartaches, she realized its futile… Continue reading The solitary princess

The Plan

“Shh. Don’t worry. Spike his drink with these. It’ll put him to sleep.” “What if he gets suspicious?” “It’s a risk you’ve to take or we’ll perish. He’s going to conduct experiments on all the children.” “I am scared.” “Don’t be, after he’s sedated, we’ll tie him up and put him in a cage.” “And?”… Continue reading The Plan

Dream vacay

Macramé monokini, over-sized glares, seashell flipflops, a bucket straw hat and sunblock- all stowed neatly in a canvas tote. But, her dream of a tranquil holiday was shattered. Sure, there were sun-kissed beaches and frothy turquoise waters- but crowded, chaotic and maddening.   278 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #92 – 10 July 2018 All rights… Continue reading Dream vacay


Once there was a land full of nature’s bounty with endless stretches of lush green meadows and gem blue gurgling streams. There were hundreds of species of flora and fauna living side by side in complete harmony. Then came men and invaded the land with their machinery, dried up the waters and stripped it off… Continue reading Destruction

Shooting star

“Look” she squealed with delight while pointing at the shooting star. They were picnicking by the lake when the meteor shower began. Dressed in a lavender frock with her abundant curls tied loose with thin lilac ribbons at the nape of her neck, she was a sight to behold that night. Seeing her giggle like… Continue reading Shooting star

Muffled cries

I am at the station surrounded by a sea of people floating by passively and waiting impatiently for the suburban train. Some of them I know are daily commuters like me. Their expressions are similar- tired, overworked, angry, anxious and devoid of joy. Do I look as indifferent and apathetic like them, I wonder sometimes.… Continue reading Muffled cries

The Angry Veteran

Her granny raised her after her mother’s death. She resented her father. He was a bitter alcoholic who’d spend his evenings in the porch drinking and cussing people. On Independence Day, she went with him to the Coffman Park to see the fireworks. It was a family ritual of sorts and she hated it. While… Continue reading The Angry Veteran


Self-loathing made you push people away. Self-doubt made you dismiss your accomplishments. Stupid girl! Can’t you see you’re enchained by self-created demons? All you’ve to do is love your own self a bit. For what it’s worth, try it. Unshackle. Breathe. Smile. And let the magic unfold.   278 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #91 – Chains… Continue reading Break-free