Temporary Shell

She looked at the woman staring back at her from the mirror. Old and weird- it was a face she could barely recognize. Her eyes misted when her fingers unwittingly traveled to the parched lines on her face. Her once youthful stare was now marred with dark circles, unruly silver strands flitted across the ridged temples. She chewed her lower lip, took a resolute breath, and muttered, “Babe, only the shell has become old and wrinkly, not the spirit.” 😉

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7 thoughts on “Temporary Shell

  1. As an old woman, I can so relate to your story. We all need to remember this not just when we look at ourselves but also when we look at others. If we see only the shell we are missing the most vital part of a person, spirit. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Absolutely. The shell is temporary. The spirit is permanent, it never dies. Thank you, Patricia, I was traveling, therefore, couldn’t respond to your beautiful comment before.


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