Diminishing hopes

He gently squeezed her thin wrinkly hand from across the table.Her gaze wandered away from his face to some insignificant object in the distance.A lump formed in his throat as he saw her feverishly rummaging through her diminishing memory.Dementia made him a stranger to his wife.

280 Characters (The zero space after the period was intentional. I wanted to stay within the 280 character limit of the challenge)

Linking up with Twittering Tale #76 – The Secret Garden – 7 August 2018

Photo by Kat Myrman 2018

All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “Diminishing hopes

    1. Yes, it is extremely painful to see one’s loved one slipping away like that. How helpless they must feel in a situation where they know they cannot stop the gradual fading of their loved one’s memory. Thank you for the read and your kind comment, Kat.

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  1. No one completely understands the workings of the mind or the heart, perhaps the memory is still there, just unable to share the thoughts… 🙂

    When I grow too old to dream
    I’ll have you to remember
    When I grow too old to dream
    Your love will live in my heart
    (Vera Lynn)

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