Final Moments

Her once taut rippling muscles had slacked. The thick glossy mane had lost luster. She could no longer lithely trot down the meadow or forage for food.

Staring at her twitching muzzle & lifeless 16-hands-tall body, Betty sighed.

Putting Belle to sleep was a difficult decision.

276 Characters

Written for Twittering Tale #99 – 28 August 2018

Prompt photo by Conquero at

18 thoughts on “Final Moments

    1. Yes, especially when their quality of life deteriorates. It’s a difficult decision to make for sure, but, euthanasia is the only way to relieve them from further agony. Thank you, Kat.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the nomination, Akshaya. I really appreciate it. But, these days I am just concentrating on my writing. So will have to pass. However, I would still need your support and encouragement to write better. Thank you 💛


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