When the roles are reversed

“Pace up, Baba. You’re too slow. What’s wrong?” She was gaily trotting down the cobblestoned pathway that led to the lakeside. The feeble man was struggling to keep up with her youthful energy. His steps were unsure and she could almost hear the strain in his breathing. They were on a nature trail, enjoying the… Continue reading When the roles are reversed


She taps her fingers on the table and nervously glances at the spread again – fluffy apple scones, crustless finger-size sandwiches, buttery shortbread, and the rows of neatly placed upside-down white teacups on saucers. Everything seems perfect, yet her hands are clammy, throat dry. She’d taken a big risk by volunteering to cater for the… Continue reading Risk-taker


Every evening driving back home after work, the large billboard at the intersection lures Sara. It’s an advert of a popular holiday destination which features a woman in a floral bathing suit and a wide-brimmed hat, propped up on a chair enjoying a fruity cocktail. There’s an open book sitting on her lap which shows… Continue reading Surprise!

The Bartender

“He smelled like the ocean!” “Ridiculous! How’s that even possible?” “Trust me. Whenever he’d sit there on the barstool, I’d this strange sensation that the sea was closer. Like the hidden treasures in an ocean, there were stories buried in his heart. His gaze was warm like the sea air. I am sure there was… Continue reading The Bartender


Tears streamed down her face as she cut up the doll into pieces She’d wasted her teens attaining those ridiculous proportions No one has legs that go on forever, she realized Unlike the plastic Barbie,she was made of flesh-n-bones Thus, more real & beautiful with her delicious curves   280 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #102… Continue reading Realization

Wistful Fantasy

Come, my love, let’s pack our stuff and drive down to the countryside. I am done with this cold maddening crowd, and so are you. Let’s go, far away, you, me and the dog, and live in a small rustic place, where the air smells fresh and earthy. Where our paths are paved with crisp colourful… Continue reading Wistful Fantasy

The Autumn Girl

Her autumn mornings always began with a strange ritual. She’d cup her hands, scoop some water from the washbowl and wash her face; then run her wet fingers through her silken hair until water dripped from every strand. Later, she’d gleefully walk out of the house and feel the cold misty air on her moist… Continue reading The Autumn Girl

A new name

I am afraid we can’t publish it under your real name. Why? Books by female authors in this genre rarely sell. Joanne was a single parent, struggling to support her child. All she ever wanted was to publish her book She choked back her tears and scribbled down a pen name-J K Rowling   Written… Continue reading A new name

Final Visit

“Why do you wanna go there?” “Umm. It’s just something I’ve to do,” she replied while washing the veggies in a colander. “But, why? Your parents are gone. There’s nothing left there. You said it yourself.” He skilfully flipped the lightly seared side of chicken in simmering oil. His fastidiousness amused her. “I know. Perhaps,… Continue reading Final Visit


It’s just a pile of 100-years-old rusty metal & crumbly concrete, Nan. But, it belonged to my mother Her voice trembled while her gnarly hands signed the papers Don’t worry Mrs. Tim, after demolishing the house we’ll erect a modern structure and give you a luxury penthouse for free 280 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #100… Continue reading Rebuilding