The Bartender

“He smelled like the ocean!”

“Ridiculous! How’s that even possible?”

“Trust me. Whenever he’d sit there on the barstool, I’d this strange sensation that the sea was closer. Like the hidden treasures in an ocean, there were stories buried in his heart. His gaze was warm like the sea air. I am sure there was sand hidden in his salt-and-pepper hair too.”

“You’re delusional…. heartbroken, now that he’s stopped frequenting your bar.”

“No, I am not. I always knew it’d end like this. He was an ocean and I, a tiny wave, who’ll always remain a part of his vastness.”


Written for Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

31 thoughts on “The Bartender

  1. Some expression of love and bonding. Ocean and a wave in the ocean. A wave is always a part of the ocean, there is no separation. Wave melts in the ocean. Profound!

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    1. Thank you, Kalpana. I love your interpretation and this line-The ocean embraces the wave after it hits the shore and ebbs away- is almost like a fine piece of poetry 🙂
      Yes, she was smitten with him. Her mind had drawn a beautiful picture of him and that picture was what she was in love with. In her head, she had pictured him in a very different way. It was sweet and innocent. And she was kind of glad that it was short-lived…that reality couldn’t touch the image she had created in her mind.


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