Every evening driving back home after work, the large billboard at the intersection lures Sara. It’s an advert of a popular holiday destination which features a woman in a floral bathing suit and a wide-brimmed hat, propped up on a chair enjoying a fruity cocktail. There’s an open book sitting on her lap which shows that she’s having a good time- reading, sunbathing and drinking exotic tropical fruit-mixed beverages.

A vacation is long overdue for Sara and her husband and the digital advertisement is an eyesore as it reminds her of the improbability of taking a holiday at this point of their careers when the promotion prospects are high.

She reaches home, freshens up, disinterestedly nibbles down her meal while ignoring her husband’s enthusiastic efforts for initiating a conversation at the table.

Before going to sleep, he pulls her towards him and wraps his arms tightly around her, “I’ve something to tell you.”

“Can it not wait till tomorrow? I am really tired.”

“Actually, no.” His brows raised in excitement. “We’re going on a vacation. I’ve already booked tickets.”

“What? How? What’ll happen to work?

“All the more reasons to take a break. Work can wait. You live only once.”


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction – Sept 23, 2018

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

18 thoughts on “Surprise!

    1. Hehehe. I’ve to be honest with you, this one was the simplest story I’ve written so far. There’s hardly any conflict there. I like writing little philosophocal or abstract kinda stuff but off late my mind has gone rogue on me. Thanks, dear.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If you write so well with them creative juices missing, I wonder how good your work be when you have them! LOL (J/K) 😉 😛

        PS – I love your stories! ❤

        I guess, it’s gotta do with the festive season coming along – I too am losing on my “writing streak!”

        Liked by 1 person

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