The motel room

Her eyes ran through the dimly lit room, scrutinising every object. The crumpled silken sheets were frayed at the edges, the satin flowers embroidered on them had lost their sheen; splotches of sweat mixed with dirt collected over the cushioned headboard were in dire need of scrubbing; the faded lampshade on the bedside table had… Continue reading The motel room

Counting Sheep

I love those unexpected moments when I am lying awake in bed counting sheep, a brilliant idea strikes me and then I drift off to sleep with a resolve to write it the next day. Wake up next morn only to realize I forgot it all&then I beat myself up for not writing it down… Continue reading Counting Sheep

The Warrior

The wailing of wounded soldiers traversed through his ears and jolted him back to his senses. With great effort, he opened his swollen eyelids and peered around. The sky was cauldron black; the earth was slippery, sodden with blood oozing from gaping wounds and splayed innards. Sounds of sizzling fire arrows, swords clanging and tearing… Continue reading The Warrior

When the rook moved

The chequerboard on the polished oak table was the first thing she’d noticed while stepping into her grandmother’s spotless living room. “We’re going to grandma’s and I don’t want to see any of your tricks there. OK?” Her mother had warned her on the way. However, those 32 exquisitely shaped black-and-white pieces, neatly arranged on… Continue reading When the rook moved