When the rook moved

The chequerboard on the polished oak table was the first thing she’d noticed while stepping into her grandmother’s spotless living room.

“We’re going to grandma’s and I don’t want to see any of your tricks there. OK?” Her mother had warned her on the way.

However, those 32 exquisitely shaped black-and-white pieces, neatly arranged on a chessboard, fascinated the curious, bushy-haired six-year-old so much that post-lunch when everyone had retired to their rooms, she quietly slid into the living room again.

She was about to move the black rooks with her gleaming eyes when her mother’s voice startled her, “Hermione, didn’t I tell you? No tricks here.”


Written for Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

P.S. I just binge-watched Harry Potter movies with my son, therefore, my mind is little pre-occupied with JK Rowling’s fantasy world right now.

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