Ordinary Men!

This isn’t a story about extraordinary bravery nor is this about extraordinary men. In fact, it is an ordinary story of an ordinary man who lived an ordinary life in an old shanty town.

He would arise and leave for work at the wake of dawn and come home tired and weary after sundown.

This was his life and he never complained because he was too busy to make a living and feed his hungry children.

He never lamented the death of his wife for he was worried about the approaching winters. He knew he had to earn and save enough to buy shoes and clothes for his little ones.  

Written for https://rochellewisoff.com/2018/12/19/21-december-2018/

Photo Copyright – Adam Ickes

48 thoughts on “Ordinary Men!

  1. A thousand years from people won’t know about him. He is not the one who will start wars or save countless with his inventions. We desire drama and adventure but for most life just happens to be constant.. wow priyali you set me on a thought train.

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