Wednesday Morning Musings

She gazed intently at the steam rising from her favourite cup of Americano. As the delicious aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, ground and brewed to perfection, began to ease the knots in her head, an idea struck her. “What if I steal the steam from the cup and safely stow it away in a bag? That way, when I miss the January fog in scorching summers, I can always have a bag-full to come back to and experience the mist whenever I wish.”

She chuckled at the absurd idea, finished her coffee and left the cafeteria. Daydreaming on Wednesday mornings help her survive the seriousness her boring job demands.

Written for Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Russell Gayer

67 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Musings

      1. You ever find a boring museum let me know as I find museums a delightful amusement of history and many other facts or figures that I love to explore. Ancient history (caveman type or paleo time period) is 1 I love but also electronics since I have been into that since I was kid.I was at the Smithsonian in DC back in the 70’s and loved every minute and would like to visit it once more. I lleft the group and went on my own venture thru the world of worlds from ancient to modern taking my time with modern being Ford’s car..Vanilla,chocolate,and frostings I can relate to that also very much..

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      2. Ah, I am so glad to read that. I love spending time in museums. People generally find museums very boring but to me it’s a different world altogether. All those paintings and sculptures are not only a visual delight but also very informative. I’ve never been to Smithsonian but have been to a few museums in Europe.

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  1. Delightful idea, delightful tale.
    I think we all have something we’d like to store away.
    As Jim Croce says :
    ‘If I had a box just for wishes,
    And dreams that had never come true…’

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      1. If words could make wishes come true,,I’d save everyday like a treasure and then I would…..Afew more lines from the same song in the beginning..He was a great writer/singer for sure but not popular until his death like a lot were…Saddd…

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      2. It’s a beautiful song. I’ve shared it on all my social media accounts. I read about his life too and it’s sad. He died in his 40s. I believe he sang the song for his wife after she left him.

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  2. Oh, I think you’ve hit a button with everyone! At some point, we’ve all had jobs that bore us, and lead us to daydream. Keeping the steam from your coffee? Why not? Someone probably already has created a coffee-scented candle 🙂

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  3. I remember your tweet about ‘catching the steam to store’ and I really enjoy the story around it here. I hope the person needing to store the feelings so as to help them make it daily in their serious and boring job isn’t the author. If not, ( or if yes, ) I’m pleasantly pleased they found a way to make their day just a little bit brighter! I really love how your words are put together Piyali, so enjoyable reading everything you write! 😀

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    1. I say there would be a way to catch the aroma of steam..We do everything else from oxygen to sweet smell of flowers so why not steam maybe by vaccum and sealing it in a bag for later then releasing it by adding to the bag to water and opening it up. The aroma should still be there as before.

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    2. 😉 To answer the bit about the ‘author’s job in your comment, lemme just quote V.S Naipaul “An autobiography can distort; facts can be realigned. But fiction never lies: it reveals the writer totally.”
      Most of my tweets and blogs are inter-related, Drew, and thank you for the lovely encouraging words you have written about my writing 😊

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      1. Yes that’s true it was for his wife.Another singer,actually lead of the group Styx has many for his wife and his name is Dennis DeYoung with Lady being 1 that solely for his wife only. He started at age 14 with 2 twin brothers(all about the same age) from next door if I remember right and called themselves the “Tradewinds” with the group name “Styx” coming early 70s. Growing up in Chicago in the early-mid 60s and I had family that lived in Chicago so they knew them personally. There is only 1 of that family left now and he calls or visits from time to time. Dennis’ wife’s name is “Susanne” (sang backup with her husband)and I think she is mentioned in some songs…Styx is 1 of my favorite groups among many more not just confined to just rock..

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      2. I am versatile when it come to music all except rapp which I cant stand except maybe a couple. I listen all the time and there is a group of girls in cracker jack uniforms dancing to Sing,Sing,Sing by BEBO on YouTube and those young girls can really do choreography excellent plus Seni Feat the 14yr old girl drummer that is great. She is on spot when it comes to hitting the skins and she has some very high dollar drums! Have to listen to her and watch the girls dance..

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      3. I hope someday the steam can be gathered captured and let free. I hope the expanding mist helps dreams float just a little closer. Close enough to bring hope.

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  4. You have to stop and think a moment, imagination is the building block of anything we have or will have. Without it we would never have become a country but it was costly and lives of people that were here long before we were..We imagined going to the moon and now we go to outer space and come back with the same ship thanks to the imagination of the boy(s)(3 more) Homer Hickman from West Virginia.

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