Johnnie spent a major part of his life emptying trash cans from the poor neighbourhood. A job he diligently did without complaint. The other garbagemen who worked with him loved him for his cheerful talkative nature. While loading garbage into the rear-loader, they keenly listened and laughed at his anecdotes about the residents living in the area- the squabbling old couple from the red-brick house at the end of the street, the single mother looking for a new daddy for her children, the dirty old bachelor who still dreamed about bedding young women.

Post-work, Johnnie and his friends would gather at the scruffy pub near the waste treatment facility and talk about their families, dreams and post-retirement plans over a drink or two. The old fellow had been saving money since the first day of his job to go on a luxury trip with his precious old wife. He had the entire itinerary chalked out in his mind, however, he had kept the whole thing a secret from her. He intended to surprise her on their upcoming 40th wedding anniversary. A week prior to the most-awaited day of his life, Johnnie suffered a massive heart attack at work and all the money he had saved so far went into saving his own life.

Written for https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2019/01/05/sunday-photo-fiction-january-6-2019/

Photo Credit: CE Ayr

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