Lipstick Diaries-A Personal Blog

Something amazing happened to me a few days ago. I was at a cosmetics store browsing through lipsticks when a shy elderly lady, accompanied by her husband, entered and asked the twenty-something sales attendant to show her lippies in ‘muted’ shades. After disinterestedly toying with the ‘subdued’ colours for a few minutes, she gingerly picked up a tester sample in ‘hot pink’ and glided it on her lips, checked her reflection in the mirror and immediately removed the paint with a wet wipe. Sensing that she felt a tinge of embarrassment after checking herself out in the mirror, I remarked that she looked gorgeous and she should buy it. Even her husband agreed. “The colour is too bright for my age,” she uttered, a tad shyly, and headed back to the lighter shades counter again.

At that moment, a magical thing happened! Unknowingly, and without any active or loud instigation a silent spontaneous bond of sisterhood was formed. A quiet movement of uplifting a sister; a gentle reminder, a forgotten fact that she is still beautiful and will always be was re-established. The three of us, the young store attendant, another customer and I, at the store came together in our joint mission to convince the lady that the colour looked fabulous on her and she shouldn’t think otherwise. The lady ultimately walked out of the store with the shade she was hesitant to buy initially. The winsome smile on her husband’s face was obviously an added bonus.

I love it when we sisters come to each other’s rescue like this. When we empower and encourage the members of our feminine clan. Make them feel good about themselves. Remind each other that we are beautiful and never too old to sport killer brightly painted pouts.

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