Little Wings

He was filling the empty white spaces between the green and purple squiggly lines with a red crayon when the throaty cooing sound coming from the window sash distracted him. He hastily walked to the closed window, stood on tiptoes and peered out.

The plump pigeon, with a short stout shimmering neck and a thin beak, was resting in her usual place. Next to her, were the tiny pink hairy creatures with fragile wings moving sleepily inside the broken shells.

β€œMama! Come. Look. The babies are out!” the toddler gleefully jumped and clapped staring at the new squabs breaking out of the eggs.

Written for

PHOTO PROMPT Β© Dale Rogerson

60 thoughts on “Little Wings

    1. Thank you, Michael. O, probably I wasn’t able to describe his actions properly and that might have led you to think that he was going to break the window. I changed the related sentence a bit, do let me know if it’s correct now

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      1. On reading now, I wonder what made me think so, the change has worked very well. The excitement of a toddler comes over even more.

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  1. Lovely and cute story. Well done! …although I don’t quite see the connection with the photo prompt. I understand you pictured the door as a window. Is that it?

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    1. Thank you, Rochelle. I’ve become a little irregular with my FF stories and normal blog posts these days. I was wondering if you had had missed my FF post last week.


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