The Healer

Magi works in a luxury hotel spa. She is an expert in aromatherapy oils and herbal massages. Her vast knowledge of natural remedies and medicinal baths surprises and impresses her extensive list of clientele and is the reason they keep coming back to her for more. Two drops of lavender oil on the pillow would ensure a good night’s sleep, a light rub of eucalyptus oil for chest decongestion, the zesty citrus paste will render a youthful glow to the skin and oils extracted from dried rose petals will enhance the color of your cheeks, she would tell them with a genuine smile. Apart from her slight petite frame and flawless complexion, people find themselves quite drawn to her quiet, shy demeanor and mild, pleasant nature. Something about her genial manners and approachable persona put them immediately at ease and as she works up her magic with her soft naturally warm hands, the masks on their faces melt and reduce to a puddle.

As Magi digs her thin fingers into their skin and tensed muscles, the hot-shot banker suddenly finds herself dozing off on the comfy bed with freshly bleached sheets. Amid the hour-long massage session, her stress evaporates into the scented-candle lit, climate-controlled room, and she goes back home feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

The middle-aged housewife who frequently visits the hotel with her husband is Magi’s regular client. She talks to Magi. Mostly about herself. How her life has lost its meaning after the kids left home and settled elsewhere, how she feels insignificant and completely jobless without them. She yearns for the days when she was a busy mother and an excellent homemaker. With her children gone and spouse in a demanding profession, she thinks no one really needs her now. Another frequent client, a young newly-wed bride, who laughs and squeals emphatically and delightfully under Magi’s expert hands, shares stories of her newfound conjugal bliss.

Magi is a good listener. She has acquired the rare talent of active listening without passing judgments or showing any signs of impatience and this quality of hers has made her an absolute favorite among the hotel’s guests. Her clients bare their hearts out; express their vulnerabilities minus any feeling of embarrassment before her. She nods and smiles in return; non-verbally assures them that their secrets are safe with her. But no one asks Magi about her life. Barring the basic information she shares with them at the beginning of a session inside the rooms with soft yellow lights, pristine white marble floors and flowers floating in a tiny makeshift pond, no one really knows much about her. What does she think? Where is she from? Does she ever feel lonely? She wouldn’t care to tell anybody either. For her heart aches for the fresh cool air of her village nestled between the rolling hills and narrow gorges of Mizoram. Often on her long phone calls with her ailing mother, Magi sighs and tells how she hates living in the big filthy city. If only it were not for her three younger sisters, whose responsibility Magi now had to shoulder after her father’s demise a couple of years ago, she would never have left and come this far away from home.

4 thoughts on “The Healer

  1. I’ve always loved what you’ve written – it’s definitely a class apart!👌👌

    Thank you for your kind words CAS – it’s struggling time for me this side! Zero creativity!🙈🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, CAS! I am sure it’s just a passing phase. Words will soon find their way back to you, girl! Hang in there 💖Mine seems like an endless quest to find the perfect word to describe what I am going through.


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