Letter to my son- Personal blog

To the boy who seems to be in a hurry to grow up..

Just slow down and hear me out! I know most of the things I say these days bore you. They may seem outdated, annoying and sometimes outright preposterous. And you are right in thinking so (well, not always ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). But let me tell you that despite all the little disagreements and occasional arguments we have, you are and will always be ‘My Precious’. The favourite part of my day is still hugging you before you leave for your school in the morning.Today, on my nature trail, I have had the privilege to witness something priceless which filled me with a surge of bittersweet nostalgia. I saw a little girl chasing a swarm of butterflies behind a tree. The pink polka-dot pom-pom on her beanie fluffed and swayed from side to side as she giggled and ran after the colourful winged creatures. Oh, such pure joy and innocence took me back to those years when you used to chase elusive butterflies and bubbles with this kind of tireless mirth. Your breathless giggles still ring in my ears like a unique arrangement of notes and make me go all gooey and teary-eyed with happiness. Ah, I also saw the girl’s father who was delightfully running after his daughter. Fussing over her. Savouring each and every bit of those invaluable moments. His expressions were a mix of amusement and pride- the kind which parents often experience when they see their offsprings blossom beautifully before their eyes. His moments of bliss made me a little sad for he was experiencing something I knew I would not experience again. As you know, I don’t do reminiscing well. Memories, no matter how beautiful, always leave me wistful. They fill me up with an unbearable longing. You are growing up too fast and too soon, son. Wait, let me catch my breath and enjoy whatever little is left to be savoured for I am not done fussing over you yet!

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