Daughters of Venus

A long time ago, long before the world as we see it today even existed, a tribe of cosmic travellers with sacred feminine powers walked this earth alongside the humans. Blessed with ancient wisdom and an inherent need to selflessly serve others, these celestial nomads were believed to have originally descended from a distant planet known for celebrating love and beauty called Venus. These divine beings lived a sequestered life, far away from the dwellings of the common populace, and practised the skills inherited from their ancestors to help the creatures of the earthly realm. They were stargazers, mystics and philosophers who strived to find solutions to the mysteries of the universe. Some were even herbalists with a healing touch, who chased soft showers and sunbeams in dark misty woods looking for rare medicinal roots and shoots. This tribe of free-spirited women also had dreamers and alchemists, who picked the mundane and the ordinary and transformed them into exceptional pieces of art. They wrote poems, made music, painted and sewed with the colours of nature, and danced to the whispers of the wind.

Apart from their expertise in numerous crafts, these women also had something mysteriously unique about them. They all menstruated on the same day of the month and their monthly cycles ran in sync with the lunar cycle. On a full-moon night, these women performed elaborate cleansing and renewal rituals. They bathed in spring water and adorned their hair with fresh flowers. In the subdued glow of twilight, they picked crisp leaves and twigs from the forests and meadows nearby and made fire. At midnight, when the skies turned inky blue and the moss carpets under their feet dampened with dew, these women would gather around the bonfire and perform an ancient dance while their lips wove intricate harmonies in a tongue borrowed from their homeland. When the solitary moon would finally reveal itself from behind the clouds, these other-worldly beings joined their hands in reverence and bled together while praying to the Goddess of the Land to bestow her blessings on the earthlings.

In the outside world, their intellect and delicate features continued to intrigue men and some were even persistent enough to succeed in establishing amorous liaisons with these gypsies. However, their highly independent and self-reliant nature posed a different kind of threat to these men who initially enjoyed the challenge of being around women with extraordinary gifts but soon grew tired of it. Highly skilled women were often viewed as intimidating and these men were not comfortable in articulating complex emotions like intimidation or insecurity, so they expressed their frustration through the only emotion they knew how to express- rage. Their desire to own and control the Venusians and their inability to achieve that left them angry and embittered.

But men were not the only ones who had been resentful of their brilliance. Religion too had been gaining dominance and becoming notoriously powerful in society. Diktats serving the interests of people with malicious intent were imposed upon the innocents. The world was changing fast and the people who rebelled against these meaningless laws were hunted down and punished. The Venusians too came under scrutiny. They were accused of practising sorcery and were branded as evils. Their ability to study the movement of stars and make predictions, solve earthly mysteries with complex mathematical equations, cure ailments with natural remedies, and soothe the broken and the weary with various forms of artistic expressions were frowned upon and looked at with suspicion. Soon, a tirade to catch and prosecute them began, harsh punishments were doled out. This drove the women even farther away from society in the deep uninhabitable pockets of the forests. Fearful of their safety and life, they sought the support of the men who were once enamoured by them. However, their pleas fell on deaf ears as these men, who were largely driven by an inflated sense of self, had already joined the religious forces to oust these women. When the malevolent drive to mercilessly burn them alive became commonplace, these wise, temporary residents of our planet decided to leave us for good and proceeded towards their cosmic abode leaving their half-human progenies behind.

So if you have a woman in your life, who is an artist, a healer, a scientist, or even a simple jubilant soul capable of appreciating beauty and spreading joy and loveliness around, then consider yourself fortunate, for you, my friend, are in the presence of a precious bloodline that had originated a long time ago in a far-flung planet called Venus.

Art- John William Waterhouse

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