A glutton for food, music, cinema, literature and basically all good things in life….in leisure when I am not occupied with any of these, I write. Professionally, I am associated with the writing and publishing industry for a little less than a decade now. However, I prefer to introduce myself differently by talking about things that I like to do in my spare time; things that deeply move me; things that evoke and stir the passionate soul in me. I am a traveller, though not the backpacking kind, rather an extremely relaxed unhurried one who loves visiting boring museums or spending hours sitting in a sidewalk cafe observing passersby. I am an amateur baker who occasionally loses herself in the sweet scent of vanilla beans, the light silky smoothness of flours, the sinful gooey goodness of chocolates and the soft delectable creaminess of frosting. I am a keen observer (in a non-judgemental way of course) of people and life in general. I am an avid reader who goes through momentary phases of acute depression or absolute elation while reading a book. This blog is an outlet for the blabbermouth lunatic in me who wants to share her thoughts, experiences and anecdotes with the world. Through my constant ramblings, I intend to make a difference in your life in whatever little way possible.



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