Building from scratch

It is mid October; nights come early upon the village these days. I was about to surrender myself to sleep when I heard your voice calling out my name from the kitchen downstairs. At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks. I waited for a few more moments before grabbing my housecoat and making… Continue reading Building from scratch

Everything happens for a reason

H and I were meeting for the first time post her nuptials. She was basking in her newfound bliss. I, on the other hand, was a young mother who had recently joined the workforce and was struggling to strike a balance between my home and work. I was increasingly finding it hard to leave the… Continue reading Everything happens for a reason

Unloved daughters of unloving mothers

To what extent would a girl go to win her mother’s affections? to be seen and acknowledged for her talents or even accepted despite the perceived absence of them by her primary caregiver? She makes desperate attempts to seek her mother’s approval but the mother, distant and formidably cold like the harsh, unforgiving land she… Continue reading Unloved daughters of unloving mothers

Midnight Soliloquies

I’m in your city after a long time. It’s strange how much it has changed since. Yet some things have remained the same as before like the air, still hot, humid and heavy with lingering traces of salt. It makes me happy to think that at this moment, you and I, though physically far apart,… Continue reading Midnight Soliloquies

Dandelion Man

A man once accidentally snorted a seed while blowing on a dandelion puffball. That night for the first time in a really long time, he slept peacefully. Soon, deep dreamless slumber became a routine for him. As the day would end and the darkness descended, he would plunge into an abyss of compelling sleep. With… Continue reading Dandelion Man

Flower Fairies- A Memoir

October has always been my favourite time of the year. It is the month of festivities and a precursor to the dark wintry days ahead. A time when the mornings are chilly and the evenings — which arrive a tad hastily — envelop you in an orangey-pinkish glow. As a child I used to wait… Continue reading Flower Fairies- A Memoir

Coffee longings

It was odd at first glance. The way he was looking at his coffee as if he was lost in a deep meditative state. I had never seen anyone treating their coffee this way before. He drank it real slow, like he was performing some kind of ancient ritual to honour the sanctity of the… Continue reading Coffee longings


I first noticed her in a sea of faces, radiating differently, smiling at almost everything that came in the periphery of her sight. Her gaze was dreamy and filled with tentative hopes and fragile wishes. And the visage, it was something otherworldly- absolutely naked, flawless, and truthful like a baby. She floated through the crowded… Continue reading Evanescence