Love without a reason

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and felt the salty sea air brushing against her face, rustling her wavy locks of hair. Her lips stretched into a smile as she dug her toes deep into the squishy sand. The gentle waves lapped at her feet as if trying to tell her a secret.… Continue reading Love without a reason

In the Desert

His back ached when he tried to turn over and gauge at the situation before him. Grains of sand stung his partially opened eyes as he let out a sigh of despair. Nope, he wasn’t dreaming after all. God knows how long he had been lying there in the middle of the desert. An endless… Continue reading In the Desert


Braving the harsh unpredictable weather and rough billowy seas, a mighty ship carries his huge army of fierce Vikings. Dressed in furs, leathers, and rainwear, bedecked with armbands, beaded brooches, and neck rings, he stands erect atop the bow while the enormous vessel rolls and pitches on the bulbous roaring waters. With an unwavering determination… Continue reading Voyage

The solitary princess

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a wealthy princess who bathed in pots of shimmering liquid gold. She had no friends nor anyone she could call her own as people with eyes only on her abundant riches would come to befriend her. One day, after surviving several heartaches, she realized its futile… Continue reading The solitary princess

Muffled cries

I am at the station surrounded by a sea of people floating by passively and waiting impatiently for the suburban train. Some of them I know are daily commuters like me. Their expressions are similar- tired, overworked, angry, anxious and devoid of joy. Do I look as indifferent and apathetic like them, I wonder sometimes.… Continue reading Muffled cries

Amore Mio

“O, Fabrizio! You fool! From where you got these cannoli?” “Ugh! The same pasticceria near the Rialto you asked me to get them from, old woman.” “But, these are not fresh.” “Marta, you are so fussy! Nothing I do ever makes you happy.” “Now, where did that come from? I was just talking about the… Continue reading Amore Mio


“It’s time. I am scared. Please come soon. I can’t do it without you.” saying this she hung up. Neil panicked. This was the moment he had been waiting for so long. Yet, when it finally arrived he found himself completely frozen. He couldn’t move for few seconds, as if his feet were stuck to… Continue reading Rush!