I first noticed her in a sea of faces, radiating differently, smiling at almost everything that came in the periphery of her sight. Her gaze was dreamy and filled with tentative hopes and fragile wishes. And the visage, it was something otherworldly- absolutely naked, flawless, and truthful like a baby. She floated through the crowded… Continue reading Evanescence


Braving the harsh unpredictable weather and rough billowy seas, a mighty ship carries his huge army of fierce Vikings. Dressed in furs, leathers, and rainwear, bedecked with armbands, beaded brooches, and neck rings, he stands erect atop the bow while the enormous vessel rolls and pitches on the bulbous roaring waters. With an unwavering determination… Continue reading Voyage

Conversations with a 7-year-old

“Mumma, why do I have to go to school?” asks my seven year-old in his sleepy voice while I was drying his hair with a towel. He hates bathing this early, but I insist on developing an early morning bathing habit, because, I believe taking showers first thing in the morning is a good way… Continue reading Conversations with a 7-year-old