Frankly, at this point, I am not even sure what bothers me more. Your inability to treat me better or my weakness for not letting you go sooner. However, truth be told, these harrowing questions have long ceased to have any effect on me. For I know, you did what you were always supposed to… Continue reading Questions!

Fading Connections

The early morning hush seemed quite unnerving to Tanya. She walked past the drunkards and creeps lurking in the dark corners of the station with confident steps. Huh! Sunday mornings were meant for sleeping, her mind grumbled. Only if she weren’t in a hurry to catch a train at this ungodly hour. She was a… Continue reading Fading Connections

An appeal to the girl who feels a little too much

Girl, don’t let that sensitive soul in you die. Unshackle that beautiful heart of yours and let those tears flow. Don’t shy away from emotions, because, unlike what others want you to believe, having them is a sign of strength. Without the warm sensitive souls like you, we would be left with a cold dispassionate world, inhabited by emotionless, impassive creatures who bottle up every feeling until they burst… Continue reading An appeal to the girl who feels a little too much