Evening Musings: A Personal Blog

I go for walks every day. Long solo walks in the evening when the sky is mellow, preparing for nightfall, children prancing about in the park; their jubilant screams when the swings go up in the air charge up the atmosphere around me. I look forward to this time of the day. This activity has… Continue reading Evening Musings: A Personal Blog


The feeling of alienation, which a woman from a poor family would often experience in a house full of wealthy and excessively proud aristocrats. Kadam quietly endured the snide remarks of her older sisters-in-law, who would often make fun of her poor father who was unable to arrange for a handsome dowry at the time of her wedding. But Rabi was different. Unlike the other members of the family, this budding poet wasn’t pretentious. She became his literary muse.

Post the Masterpiece

A creator, irrespective of his exceptional gifts, can never replicate the level of perfection and beauty of his masterpiece.In the solitary room, he would sharpen his tools, trim the brushes, grind and mix pigments, stretch and level the canvas on the wall, and then get busy capturing the initial impression of the subject he had in his mind. However, it would never be the same.

Two women

Two women Reena and Rosie are writers. Both are word miners who dream to paint their worlds with words. Rosie is young and her writing style, akin to her vivacious persona, is full of hope. Her optimistic eyes envision a world that is filled with beauty and magnanimity. She lives in a big city, alone,… Continue reading Two women

The Healer

Magi works in a luxury hotel spa. She is an expert in aromatherapy oils and herbal massages. Her vast knowledge of natural remedies and medicinal baths surprises and impresses her extensive list of clientele and is the reason they keep coming back to her for more. Two drops of lavender oil on the pillow would… Continue reading The Healer

The motel room

Her eyes ran through the dimly lit room, scrutinising every object. The crumpled silken sheets were frayed at the edges, the satin flowers embroidered on them had lost their sheen; splotches of sweat mixed with dirt collected over the cushioned headboard were in dire need of scrubbing; the faded lampshade on the bedside table had… Continue reading The motel room

When the roles are reversed

“Pace up, Baba. You’re too slow. What’s wrong?” She was gaily trotting down the cobblestoned pathway that led to the lakeside. The feeble man was struggling to keep up with her youthful energy. His steps were unsure and she could almost hear the strain in his breathing. They were on a nature trail, enjoying the… Continue reading When the roles are reversed

Final Visit

“Why do you wanna go there?” “Umm. It’s just something I’ve to do,” she replied while washing the veggies in a colander. “But, why? Your parents are gone. There’s nothing left there. You said it yourself.” He skilfully flipped the lightly seared side of chicken in simmering oil. His fastidiousness amused her. “I know. Perhaps,… Continue reading Final Visit


The snow has melted and the slush has cleared. A dewy carpet of thick green grass has covered the soft mushy earth. The frozen stream has thawed; crystal-clear water trickles down its rocky bed now. Sun pours honey, leaving iridescent flakes of gold floating behind. Drifting blue landscapes of soft cushiony clouds have replaced the… Continue reading Bubbles

A forced randezvous

She swirled and sniffed the fruity acidic contents of the Bordeaux glass, took a sip, and let the full-bodied bittersweet taste of fermented cherries and dark grapes melt in her mouth. Disinterestedly gazing at the tables with pristine white covers, she glanced at her watch- 6:30 PM- he was late. She is 35, a successful… Continue reading A forced randezvous