A new companion

You’re experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome. How’s that even possible? I’ve tried to keep myself busy after Dave left for college. Have you thought about pets? They help in alleviating loneliness. I am not an animal lover. Dogs and cats are too high-maintenance. How about a bird then? 277 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #117 –… Continue reading A new companion

Counting Sheep

I love those unexpected moments when I am lying awake in bed counting sheep, a brilliant idea strikes me and then I drift off to sleep with a resolve to write it the next day. Wake up next morn only to realize I forgot it all&then I beat myself up for not writing it down… Continue reading Counting Sheep


Tears streamed down her face as she cut up the doll into pieces She’d wasted her teens attaining those ridiculous proportions No one has legs that go on forever, she realized Unlike the plastic Barbie,she was made of flesh-n-bones Thus, more real & beautiful with her delicious curves   280 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #102… Continue reading Realization

A new name

I am afraid we can’t publish it under your real name. Why? Books by female authors in this genre rarely sell. Joanne was a single parent, struggling to support her child. All she ever wanted was to publish her book She choked back her tears and scribbled down a pen name-J K Rowling   Written… Continue reading A new name


It’s just a pile of 100-years-old rusty metal & crumbly concrete, Nan. But, it belonged to my mother Her voice trembled while her gnarly hands signed the papers Don’t worry Mrs. Tim, after demolishing the house we’ll erect a modern structure and give you a luxury penthouse for free 280 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #100… Continue reading Rebuilding

Final Moments

Her once taut rippling muscles had slacked. The thick glossy mane had lost luster. She could no longer lithely trot down the meadow or forage for food. Staring at her twitching muzzle & lifeless 16-hands-tall body, Betty sighed. Putting Belle to sleep was a difficult decision. 276 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #99 – 28 August… Continue reading Final Moments

The Secret Cult

After stepping on the asphalt, the hitchhiker quickly combed through the deserted area and paced down the sidewalk. On reaching the spot, he checked the contents in his satchel-vials of blood, a human skull, and some ancient manuscripts. “Hail Satan!” A voice cried from the sewer 279 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #98  

The Drive

Driving on an empty road at 3 am was least of his worries. Rather, the rattling sound coming from the back was making him concerned. “Stop, or I’ll crush your tiny skull with my bare hands.”He yelled. Shedding helpless tears, the boy, bound and gagged in the trunk, stopped kicking.   280 Characters Written for Twittering… Continue reading The Drive

Diminishing hopes

He gently squeezed her thin wrinkly hand from across the table.Her gaze wandered away from his face to some insignificant object in the distance.A lump formed in his throat as he saw her feverishly rummaging through her diminishing memory.Dementia made him a stranger to his wife. 280 Characters (The zero space after the period was… Continue reading Diminishing hopes

Rain & the Mundane

The slow rhythmic pitter-patter against the windowpanes Clear water droplets trickle down, leaving shimmering traces of diamantes And here I am, locked in a stuffy cubicle, Frantically typing the same old rubbish While the view outside invites Asking me to leave everything and run   279 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #95 – Raindrops on… Continue reading Rain & the Mundane