A beaded cinched waist gown with a swooping neckline displayed at the boutique window lures the nearly broke shopaholic. She fidgets. Taps her fingers and heels. Checks her wallet. Tosses her head back and walks in. “Well! It’s vintage Valentino. One more splurge shouldn’t hurt.”   275 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #94 – 24 July… Continue reading Impulse

Marshmallow Rain

Fairy Godmother swished her magic wand & marshmallows fell from the sky. Orphans collected them in their umbrellas spread upside down. They delightfully gobbled up every piece till their tummies ache. The fluffy sticky sweet feast ended with a huge phone-shaped strawberry cake.   278 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #93 – The Phone – 17… Continue reading Marshmallow Rain

Dream vacay

Macramé monokini, over-sized glares, seashell flipflops, a bucket straw hat and sunblock- all stowed neatly in a canvas tote. But, her dream of a tranquil holiday was shattered. Sure, there were sun-kissed beaches and frothy turquoise waters- but crowded, chaotic and maddening.   278 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #92 – 10 July 2018 All rights… Continue reading Dream vacay


Self-loathing made you push people away. Self-doubt made you dismiss your accomplishments. Stupid girl! Can’t you see you’re enchained by self-created demons? All you’ve to do is love your own self a bit. For what it’s worth, try it. Unshackle. Breathe. Smile. And let the magic unfold.   278 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #91 – Chains… Continue reading Break-free

Promise of a soulmate

Aha, you drew out Two of Hearts! You’ll meet your soulmate soon. How soon? Um maybe in next 2-3 months. She smiled, paid the gypsy woman, and left. Chemo isn’t working anymore, you don’t have much time left, her doctor had said. Nonetheless, the reading made her happy, momentarily.     280 Characters exact Written… Continue reading Promise of a soulmate

Broken ‘n’ Lost

The old dreamcatcher, hanging from the leaf-less branch of a barren tree in my granny’s garden, was always an object of intrigue to me. Once, as a little girl, I had wished only for beautiful dreams. But now, all I want it to do for me is to mend what’s broken and lost forever. 278… Continue reading Broken ‘n’ Lost


Staring calmly at the still waters, she took a deep agonizing breath. A storm was slowly brewing inside her. “It’s time to unleash what you’ve been suppressing for so long!” whispered her heart. Somewhere on the horizon, a cluster of clouds roared in a fiery rage. 265 characters Written for Twittering Tales #87 – 5 June… Continue reading Rage