Counting Sheep

I love those unexpected moments when I am lying awake in bed counting sheep, a brilliant idea strikes me and then I drift off to sleep with a resolve to write it the next day. Wake up next morn only to realize I forgot it all&then I beat myself up for not writing it down… Continue reading Counting Sheep

The Warrior

The wailing of wounded soldiers traversed through his ears and jolted him back to his senses. With great effort, he opened his swollen eyelids and peered around. The sky was cauldron black; the earth was slippery, sodden with blood oozing from gaping wounds and splayed innards. Sounds of sizzling fire arrows, swords clanging and tearing… Continue reading The Warrior

When the rook moved

The chequerboard on the polished oak table was the first thing she’d noticed while stepping into her grandmother’s spotless living room. “We’re going to grandma’s and I don’t want to see any of your tricks there. OK?” Her mother had warned her on the way. However, those 32 exquisitely shaped black-and-white pieces, neatly arranged on… Continue reading When the rook moved

Spick and Span

She spritzed some of the soapy solution on the glass-top and started wiping it rigorously with a soft cloth. Dressed in a faded flannel gown with her hair tied up, she looked distressed and exhausted, but, today is cleaning day and she didn’t want to waste it by letting disturbing thoughts occupy her mind. The… Continue reading Spick and Span


She picked up a spiral conch shell and held its flared pink crevice to her ear. The noise around her drowned and dissolved into a gentle lapping of waves. She was in a skiff, floating on the sea, her hand immersed in the water feeling the cold swirling ripples. Her face aglow with a soft… Continue reading Reverie

When the roles are reversed

“Pace up, Baba. You’re too slow. What’s wrong?” She was gaily trotting down the cobblestoned pathway that led to the lakeside. The feeble man was struggling to keep up with her youthful energy. His steps were unsure and she could almost hear the strain in his breathing. They were on a nature trail, enjoying the… Continue reading When the roles are reversed


She taps her fingers on the table and nervously glances at the spread again – fluffy apple scones, crustless finger-size sandwiches, buttery shortbread, and the rows of neatly placed upside-down white teacups on saucers. Everything seems perfect, yet her hands are clammy, throat dry. She’d taken a big risk by volunteering to cater for the… Continue reading Risk-taker


Every evening driving back home after work, the large billboard at the intersection lures Sara. It’s an advert of a popular holiday destination which features a woman in a floral bathing suit and a wide-brimmed hat, propped up on a chair enjoying a fruity cocktail. There’s an open book sitting on her lap which shows… Continue reading Surprise!

The Bartender

“He smelled like the ocean!” “Ridiculous! How’s that even possible?” “Trust me. Whenever he’d sit there on the barstool, I’d this strange sensation that the sea was closer. Like the hidden treasures in an ocean, there were stories buried in his heart. His gaze was warm like the sea air. I am sure there was… Continue reading The Bartender


Tears streamed down her face as she cut up the doll into pieces She’d wasted her teens attaining those ridiculous proportions No one has legs that go on forever, she realized Unlike the plastic Barbie,she was made of flesh-n-bones Thus, more real & beautiful with her delicious curves   280 Characters Written for Twittering Tales #102… Continue reading Realization