Satin smooth

Her delicate fingers ran lazily over the firm incline, gently caressing the slippery smooth surface. Momentarily resting at the hollowed space in between before curving up slowly again towards the rounded tip. After reaching the towering peak, her eyes longingly gazed at the velvety soft satin ribbons tied up seductively in a loose wilting bow.… Continue reading Satin smooth


Staring calmly at the still waters, she took a deep agonizing breath. A storm was slowly brewing inside her. “It’s time to unleash what you’ve been suppressing for so long!” whispered her heart. Somewhere on the horizon, a cluster of clouds roared in a fiery rage. 265 characters Written for Twittering Tales #87 – 5 June… Continue reading Rage


The color of her blood was the least of my worries. I will deal with it later, I told myself. What bothered me then was how to approach her again. Oh! those fearful eyes! The hatred with which she was looking at me. No, I could no longer bear to look at her. I noticed the… Continue reading Blood-stained

Twittering Tales #86 – 29 May 2018

Twittering Tales #86 – 29 May 2018 Once again, the lone tree swayed and the delicate white curtain hanging from the window fluttered. Inside the dark room, the old lady sighed while knitting away a soft crimson sweater for her grandson; hoping against hope that this summer she’d finally be able to see the child. (279… Continue reading Twittering Tales #86 – 29 May 2018

In Other Words, noisy…

My entry to In Other Words challenge (5 lines using the word noisy) The serenity of unhurried misty morns, the rhythmic chirping of early birds, and sipping coffee from enormous mugs. Gazing out the window, admiring the changing hues of sunset sky abundantly washed in gold, amber and sometimes a raging orange. Silent solitary walks by the… Continue reading In Other Words, noisy…

In Other Words, library…

Go to Patricia’s Place  to join the challenge In Other Words, library… My entry: My fingers trembled at the first touch. A strange kind of excitement erupted in my heart. Every nerve in my body tingled with an unknown yet oddly familiar sensation. What lies beneath the crispy hard ruggedness, I wondered. Once again, the soul longed… Continue reading In Other Words, library…

Get lost!

Dahling, I am not a Bitch! In fact, I am the exact opposite of what a bitch is. Truth be told, no matter how bad or trying a situation is, it still can never steal the light from me and render me insensitive. Now read on- In times of crisis, I’ll willingly wear the hat… Continue reading Get lost!