Splotches of revolting red, moss green, mustard yellow and aquamarine blue splattered over the cool pristine white marble floor creating a wild defiant kaleidoscopic pattern of rich vibrant colours. A thick cloud of cigarette smoke mixed with the smell of turpentine, walnut, and linseed oils gradually rising upwards engulfing the room with its choking haze;… Continue reading Masterpiece

Robotic Humans

She pushed love away as she thought she was unworthy of the tender invaluable emotion which makes one’s life worthwhile; before people even tried to make their way to her heart, she would lash out, cruelly crush their feelings, and walk away without any remorse. The fear of rejection, abandonment and getting hurt grew so… Continue reading Robotic Humans

The solitary princess

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a wealthy princess who bathed in pots of shimmering liquid gold. She had no friends nor anyone she could call her own as people with eyes only on her abundant riches would come to befriend her. One day, after surviving several heartaches, she realized its futile… Continue reading The solitary princess


Once there was a land full of nature’s bounty with endless stretches of lush green meadows and gem blue gurgling streams. There were hundreds of species of flora and fauna living side by side in complete harmony. Then came men and invaded the land with their machinery, dried up the waters and stripped it off… Continue reading Destruction


Every evening, at sundown, the maiden with a head full of flowing golden locks would saunter around the harbour. For hours, her forlorn eyes would drink in the view of the azure sky with drifting puffs of orangey crimson clouds, quiet lazy boats tied at anchors dug deep in the rippling waters, busy sailors running… Continue reading Waiting!

Soaring Flames

Her eyes gleamed as she watched the crimson heart-shaped sky lantern soar high. There were thousands of them dotting the night sky like an iridescent galaxy of flickering fairy lights. Looking at her wonder-filled eyes, he knew this was the moment he had been waiting for; so, he got down on one knee and popped… Continue reading Soaring Flames


Ron hated going to school for studies were too obscure a thing for his dreamy mind to comprehend and master. After toiling fruitlessly for few years, he decided to drop out and pursue what he always enjoyed doing the most- bending rules and playing with colours on sheets of canvas. This romance with brush and… Continue reading Whimsical!

Wardrobe Woes

Shiny brand-new brogues teamed with a pair of worn-out dark denim pants, which seemed to have seen better days, and a faded graphic hoodie; a peculiar combination to begin with and his nervous walk on the busiest street of Manhattan made his discomfort quite evident. He quickly combed the vicinity with a disconcerting look, before… Continue reading Wardrobe Woes