Coffee longings

It was odd at first glance. The way he was looking at his coffee as if he was lost in a deep meditative state. I had never seen anyone treating their coffee this way before. He drank it real slow, like he was performing some kind of ancient ritual to honour the sanctity of the… Continue reading Coffee longings


I first noticed her in a sea of faces, radiating differently, smiling at almost everything that came in the periphery of her sight. Her gaze was dreamy and filled with tentative hopes and fragile wishes. And the visage, it was something otherworldly- absolutely naked, flawless, and truthful like a baby. She floated through the crowded… Continue reading Evanescence

The Bartender

“He smelled like the ocean!” “Ridiculous! How’s that even possible?” “Trust me. Whenever he’d sit there on the barstool, I’d this strange sensation that the sea was closer. Like the hidden treasures in an ocean, there were stories buried in his heart. His gaze was warm like the sea air. I am sure there was… Continue reading The Bartender

Wistful Fantasy

Come, my love, let’s pack our stuff and drive down to the countryside. I am done with this cold maddening crowd, and so are you. Let’s go, far away, you, me and the dog, and live in a small rustic place, where the air smells fresh and earthy. Where our paths are paved with crisp colourful… Continue reading Wistful Fantasy

Final Visit

“Why do you wanna go there?” “Umm. It’s just something I’ve to do,” she replied while washing the veggies in a colander. “But, why? Your parents are gone. There’s nothing left there. You said it yourself.” He skilfully flipped the lightly seared side of chicken in simmering oil. His fastidiousness amused her. “I know. Perhaps,… Continue reading Final Visit