Bloggers Recognition Award 2017

Bloggers Recognition Award nomination
Yay! My first ever Bloggers Recognition Award nomination! Yes! Yes! I am on cloud nine! At the outset, I would like to express my gratitude to my fellow blogger Anindya for bestowing me with this honour. His blogs are a reflection of the varied hobbies and interests he enriches his life with. Be it music, movies, books or travel, he has a penchant for almost every good thing that makes the arduous journey called life worthwhile. Do give a dekko here at his page to find out more: My Daily Journal
Bloggers Recognition in a gist
This award is the most popular and widely used award among bloggers, both new and old. It is all about fostering growth and recognition, community feeling and prosperity. It encourages new bloggers to showcase their blogs and to support and share fellow bloggers’ creations as well, to get valuable advice from experienced bloggers and share their own experiences. Thus everyone nominated are encouraged to participate in it, though the choice to participate or not lies solely with individuals. This is a lovely initiative to foster community feeling among fellow bloggers.
About Myself
A year ago, before starting this blog, I was hesitant, as putting forth my ideas before the world seemed intimidating to me, besides, I could never see myself as a serious or regular blogger. But as the visibility of this page grew and the number of bloggers I befriended along the way, and the ones who came out in support of my blog, I discovered that this medium is an extremely useful platform to give voice to your thoughts. Your voice may reach people and places you wouldn’t have otherwise dreamed of reaching out to. I am not here to sell or promote any product. This page is only about the experiences and thoughts I want to share with the world.
Some advice for the beginners
I am just a year old in this field, and I am still learning the ropes, therefore I don’t qualify for giving any kind of advice to anyone, however, based on whatever little experience I have gained in this little time, all I can say is help and support others in the community to grow. Keep writing and be honest to yourself and that honesty will certainly reflect in your writing, because ‘Honesty is still the best policy’ right 🙂
“No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure.” Hemingway
Be kind to one another. Remember, everyone here joins the platform for a reason; some to mend a broken heart, some to rant, some to muse, and some to share views/ideas/thoughts/experiences.
Here are the 10 nominations from my side:

SCATTERED THOUGHTS Book reviews, haiku, travel, family & parenting

Super Pinay Mom Parenting, beauty, fashion

TEA AND TALES Tea, coffee, cookbooks, crafts

GYPSYBUS28 Food, travel, beauty

I didn’t have my glasses on..Poetry, craft, gardening

FRIENDLY FAIRY TALES Fairy tales & children’s poetry

Sangbad novella, microfiction

SIMPLY T Travelling & cooking

UP AND DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Musings, inspiration

awomansworld2017 Feminism & inspiration

There are many who I would have loved to nominate, but due to the restrictions (regarding the number of nominees) I could not do so.
At the End

It is entirely a nominee’s choice to do or not do an Award post, celebrating the nomination. But if you wish to do so, then request you to kindly maintain the format intact, which is:

  1. Write a thank you section for the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Write briefly on what this award is all about.
  3. Give a brief description and your thoughts on how you started your blog and what’s it all about.
  4. Share your experiences in your blogging journey for fellow bloggers both new and experienced, to give valuable insights about your blogging efforts.
  5. And finally, nominate 10 of your favorite bloggers for the same and let them know by commenting in each of their blogs about their getting nominated by you

Thank you 🙂


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