Frankly, at this point, I am not even sure what bothers me more. Your inability to treat me better or my weakness for not letting you go sooner. However, truth be told, these harrowing questions have long ceased to have any effect on me. For I know, you did what you were always supposed to… Continue reading Questions!

The Predator

The baby broke the shell and slipped out. The tiny mucus-covered body struggled a bit before wriggling towards its mother whose sleek frame was swiftly slithering in a zigzag pattern through the wet grass. Oblivious to the impending danger, a frog was resting by the poolside. 276 Characters Photo by MabelAmber at Written for Twittering… Continue reading The Predator

Fading Connections

The early morning hush seemed quite unnerving to Tanya. She walked past the drunkards and creeps lurking in the dark corners of the station with confident steps. Huh! Sunday mornings were meant for sleeping, her mind grumbled. Only if she weren’t in a hurry to catch a train at this ungodly hour. She was a… Continue reading Fading Connections


Ron hated going to school for studies were too obscure a thing for his dreamy mind to comprehend and master. After toiling fruitlessly for few years, he decided to drop out and pursue what he always enjoyed doing the most- bending rules and playing with colours on sheets of canvas. This romance with brush and… Continue reading Whimsical!

Writer’s Nightmare

What is the trick to get it nice and flowy? Like a light drizzle of golden honey melting on a crisp warm toast. Is it a dirty limerick, a sad elegy, or a satirical prose, which can garner the much-desired attention from the young ‘n’ old folks? Huh, the never-ending doubts that trouble a writer’s… Continue reading Writer’s Nightmare

Broken ‘n’ Lost

The old dreamcatcher, hanging from the leaf-less branch of a barren tree in my granny’s garden, was always an object of intrigue to me. Once, as a little girl, I had wished only for beautiful dreams. But now, all I want it to do for me is to mend what’s broken and lost forever. 278… Continue reading Broken ‘n’ Lost

Wardrobe Woes

Shiny brand-new brogues teamed with a pair of worn-out dark denim pants, which seemed to have seen better days, and a faded graphic hoodie; a peculiar combination to begin with and his nervous walk on the busiest street of Manhattan made his discomfort quite evident. He quickly combed the vicinity with a disconcerting look, before… Continue reading Wardrobe Woes