Clear turquoise water gurgling down the stream. The pines dotting the bank form a cool shade from the sun. Butterflies fluttering on wildflowers, greedily sucking in their nectar. Birds chirping, gnawing at the eerie dreadful silence of her heart. She was supposed to be home two days ago, her mini-vacation in the rainforest has stretched… Continue reading Vacation

A forced randezvous

She swirled and sniffed the fruity acidic contents of the Bordeaux glass, took a sip, and let the full-bodied bittersweet taste of fermented cherries and dark grapes melt in her mouth. Disinterestedly gazing at the tables with pristine white covers, she glanced at her watch- 6:30 PM- he was late. She is 35, a successful… Continue reading A forced randezvous

A farmer’s tale

Shielding his eyes with his hand, he glanced up at the sky. Still no trace of clouds. The raging sun was beating down. Sweat beads dotted his dark temples, his throat was parched, much like the arid land he was standing on. The drought left deep cracks in the soil. “How am I supposed to grow… Continue reading A farmer’s tale

Diminishing hopes

He gently squeezed her thin wrinkly hand from across the table.Her gaze wandered away from his face to some insignificant object in the distance.A lump formed in his throat as he saw her feverishly rummaging through her diminishing memory.Dementia made him a stranger to his wife. 280 Characters (The zero space after the period was… Continue reading Diminishing hopes

Temporary Shell

She looked at the woman staring back at her from the mirror. Old and weird- it was a face she could barely recognize. Her eyes misted when her fingers unwittingly traveled to the parched lines on her face. Her once youthful stare was now marred with dark circles, unruly silver strands flitted across the ridged… Continue reading Temporary Shell


Days after the storm had passed, I visited my village with a trepidation in my heart. The neighbourhood looked like a war zone. My favourite big oak tree now leaned on our yard. The porch was ripped apart. The rocking chair on which he used to sit for his post-dinner round of smoke was lying… Continue reading Regrets

Rain & the Mundane

The slow rhythmic pitter-patter against the windowpanes Clear water droplets trickle down, leaving shimmering traces of diamantes And here I am, locked in a stuffy cubicle, Frantically typing the same old rubbish While the view outside invites Asking me to leave everything and run   279 Characters Written for Twittering Tale #95 – Raindrops on… Continue reading Rain & the Mundane