Behind the curtain

Braving blinding camera flashes from behind the dark oversized diamond-studded glares; dodging paparazzi who chase her round the clock seeking titbits of her clandestine affairs.

Strutting down the red carpet in sky-high Christian Louboutin(s), flaunting perfectly bronzed décolletage in long curve-hugging velveteen(s).

Smokey eyelids; lips painted with the deepest shade of crimson; wavy locks gathered up in French-style high buns.

Her beautiful face, with a carefully crafted smile, staring back from the covers of glitzy celeb mags, asking readers to donate funds to her charitable organizations.

“Remember, fame is short-lived, so, don’t get used to it,” her mother, while lying on the deathbed, had sown this little piece of wisdom in her head.

Written for In Other Words, sow…

17 thoughts on “Behind the curtain

    1. Thanks, but I liked your take on the prompt better and again I couldn’t comment on your blog 😦 This time I tried from my phone, but the message didn’t go.


      1. Oh really, again!🤦
        And I wonder why coz I haven’t changed anything on my blog.. Plus, there’s nothing in the spam folder too!😕

        I remember, when this happened with me I also did drop a mail to Akismet support.. You may wanna try that and see what they have to say about it (that is if you have it installed at first place)😕
        I am so sorry that this is happening – I know its really frustrating!😕

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