Comfort Food

She slowly turned the knob around, the latch spring recoiled and the door creaked open. She peeked in without making a noise and caught a glimpse of her roommate lounging on the couch looking distraught and heartbroken- mascara smeared cheeks, vacant gaze, and eyelids swollen from hours of crying incessantly.

“Ah, not again!” she sighed and tiptoe out of the house and rushed to the nearest supermarket, picked up a tub of ice-cream, some candies and packets of instant noodles, and returned to the apartment. “Today’s gonna be a long night again!” she thought while looking at her roommate who was still crying over her recent heartbreak.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Priya Bajpal

47 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Sounds like she’s experienced this more than one time before, since the roommate knew all the things needed to help. Just hope they had enough tissues to make it through the night. This is what good friends do. Nice piece.

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  2. What should I do? go with the flow or say what I really think? Ice cream, candies and instant noodles are no comfort food for me. This happened to me in Australia when I was 29. A good friend found me crying my heart away on the carpet. She brought me a book on meditation the next day. Grateful for ever I am. Lovely piece of writing nonetheless and I guess it’s a true story.

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    1. I am glad you took time out to share your thoughts and I appreciate it. Thank you for the read and sharing your experiences. I am glad you found peace through meditation. I am from India and meditation is a concept many people in India believe in (although I’ve never tried it myself but it does help I’ve heard)


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