Fading Connections

The early morning hush seemed quite unnerving to Tanya. She walked past the drunkards and creeps lurking in the dark corners of the station with confident steps. Huh! Sunday mornings were meant for sleeping, her mind grumbled. Only if she weren’t in a hurry to catch a train at this ungodly hour. She was a busy executive who was fast climbing the success ladder in a multinational in the big metropolis. She loved the city as it has given her everything that she ever wanted from life. However, the erratic work hours and cut-throat competition has left her lonely and bereft of friends. But, she has no time for regrets. Except, for the fact that in this race she left behind the very man she had promised to always cherish in life. She loved him dearly. He was her source of constant support and encouragement. However, the last few months had strained their relationship a little. She couldn’t give him enough time and he never complained. But today, she’s going to make up for all the lost time and unanswered phone calls, she thought while knocking at his door. The man opened the door and smiled. “Happy Father’s Day, dad!”

200 Words


Photo- Kaique Rocha pexels-photo-125532 escalator

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      1. Thanks, Aditi. I feel truly honoured. However, I have decided to concentrate solely on my writing these days. Therefore, I am not participating in award nominations anymore. My reward is when you visit and read my blogs. Can’t thank you enough for the constant support you’ve shown me, dear. Love and Hugs. Piyali.

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