Dog Mama- a personal blog

There’s a quiet lady in my neighbourhood. She hides her face behind thick rimmed glasses and ties her hair in a neat bun. I have often seen her in the evenings, swooshing past by me on a cherry red two-wheeler. Shoulders drooping, face exhausted from the long hours she puts in her work. She is a little aloof, mostly keeps to herself, and rarely makes eye contact with the passersby. But I think she’s extremely kind for I have noticed how her face lights up every time she steers her vehicle towards the driveway. There’s a litter of stray puppies waiting to welcome her home every day. As soon as they spot her vehicle on the street, these furry babies wiggle their butt and wag their tail in excitement. In the daytime, I have seen them prancing around her garden- playing amidst the rose bushes and trampling the gloriously blooming chrysanthemum stalks. But in the evenings, their restlessness fades and eases into a warm kind of eagerness whilst waiting for their affectionate parent to come home. Today, when she was parking her vehicle in the garage, I walked over to her and requested to pose for my camera. After hesitating for a couple of seconds (which I totally understand, knowing how weird I can be sometimes with my silly approach) she obliged. After taking a couple of shots, I thanked her and left feeling almost victorious and strangely uplifted. No, we didn’t become friends for I realised in our brief conversation that like me, she too is pretty awkward with small talks.

I think I like her 😁

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